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Our Program’s Brief History


Tiny Heart’s Family Childcare was originally established in 2019 in Chisago City where we were formerly known as The Barnes’ Family Childcare. We moved to the Stacy/Linwood area in October of 2020 where we took the opportunity to rebrand and restructure our program. Now, we focus on providing childcare Monday-Thursday with the goal of filling the need for part-time care.

Play-Based Learning

At Tiny Hearts Family Childcare, we focus on play-based, authentic learning experiences with a mix of traditional, research-based curriculum.

5 Things to Know About Play-Based Learning

Children learn through play. Children learn and develop cognitive skills, physical abilities, new vocabulary, social skills, and literacy skills.

Play is healthy. Play helps a child grow and counteracts obesity issues facing many children today.

Play reduces stress. Play is joyful and provides an outlet for anxiety and stress.

Play is more than meets the eye. Play is simple and complex. There are many types of play: symbolic, socio-dramatic, functional and games with rules – to name just a few.

Play and learning go hand in hand. They are not separate activities. They are intertwined. Think about them as a science lecture with a lab. Play is the child’s lab.

A play based, emergent curriculum is first and foremost, not a free for all.

It is not unplanned. A child centered environment does not mean a teacher absent environment. It is child initiated; teacher framed. Plans and activities are developed and tweaked based upon the children’s interests. It is my job to observe, ask open-ended questions, and bring in materials and equipment that help expand the children’s knowledge and experiences. Throughout our day, the children have many opportunities to make choices regarding their play. Art materials are always accessible, we have plenty of time for reading, time for developing listening skills, group interaction, and learning responsibilities and rules. Children are still learning about colors, shapes, ABC’s, counting, and sizes. 

What are the benefits of a play based, emergent curriculum setting?

 Play improves one’s mood, reduces anxiety and aggressive tendencies, promotes better sleep, and makes children happy


Learning how to explore the world around them, experiment and discover new concepts.


Develops imagination, nurtures curiosity, and teaches children to think more creatively


Promotes and practices good social skills needed for elementary school


Enhances self-esteem, inner motivation, and confidence


Teaches children how to focus and concentrate


Assists in expressing emotions, developing a sense of self and identity


Provides opportunities for children to connect with others, learn cooperation, and compromise


Play improves one’s mood, reduces anxiety and aggressive tendencies, promotes better sleep, and makes children happy

Toddler and Preschool Schedule

**Please note, the schedule is tentative. We do our best to follow the daily schedule, but unexpected circumstances do arise from time to time that limit our ability to do so. **

We try to follow a typical daily routine as follows:

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